SMT to DIP Adapters - WITH SOCKETS ???

Hi, SMT by hand is easy and inexpensive when you know how. Not always just for robots:) And you don't need to buy expensive hot-air rework stations etc.

I put alot the technqiues for SMT hand soldering in my product at

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There's a free membership there which has some of the videos.

Also, there's a nice article on low cost DIY hot air rework, written by Tom Mathews and Timothy Toroni at National Semiconductor. It's called "Rework within your reach"

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[text version at
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Also, Schmartboard are trying to make it easier for prototyping with SMT chips. They have a bunch of different types, for SOP, QFP, PLCC, BGA etc. They fan out to through-hole pads, which you can solder wires or pins to & then connect off to your breadboard

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Kind regards, Anthony Burch

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You can do that with hot air[*], an oven, or Chip-Quik (a low-temp solder you flood on the pins). It's easy if you don't care about the device, though, just score the pins at the device and remove the pins by swiping your iron by with a blob of solder.

[*] or a propane torch on the back, followed by a whack on the bench. Wait, you said preserve the board?? ;-)
Ben Jackson AD7GD
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