S-SATA interface to be in aging mode.

Dear all,

In my company, we are going to have a new DVDRW drive which runs on S-SATA interface. We're facing a problem in the testing methology. One of them is to set the drive into aging mode which the drive will perform some self-tests repeatedly.

In the previous model, it's based on IDE cables which we can set the drive into aging mode with jumper setting to "MASTER". This can't be done in the S-SATA interface as it doesnt have any jumper setting.

Our purpose is to put the S-SATA DVDRW drive into an aging trolley and the drive itself will change into aging mode automatically. For this purpose, it's the best if the changes to the S-SATA can be only minor change (which is less cost) instead of some big hardware changes.

My idea is to put a media with some predefined codes which when the S-SATA DVDRW drive reads the media, it'll change to aging mode. However, this will increase the cycle time as media needs to be inserted and removed during the testings.

Does anyone have any simple & effective method?

Thank you very very much.

Regards, Leng

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Hi Leng,

which company is building SATA-DVDRW? I only know of IDE/ATAPI drives. Thanks for your answer!


BTW: If you want to "age" your drive you should just burn some dozen DVDs.

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