QUESTION: Learning DSP, Learning and Development Systems

I'm a graduate electronic engineer, who a long time ago became a software test engineer. I hava a knowledge (a bit rusty) of the principles of DSP, DFTs, FFTs spectrum analysis etc, and a software engineers knowledge of programming (C, C++, assembler) but know nothing of the latest technology and algorithms that make up DSP.

I'm thinking of trying to take up electronics again specialising in DSP. There appear to be many text books that delve into DSP, and expensive development systems etc.....

Can anyone recommend the best practical approach to DSP? Like cheap development and learning systems (several hundred dollars, not tens of thousands). My particular interest is weak signal work, so I guess there must be such products that are tailored to the radio amateur community.

What about DSP software? What is my best source of practical infomation here? Development languages and support systems etc.....

How about a cheap USB interfacing development system???



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Timothy C Holtom
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