Practical way to partially block radio wave

I live in an area where the only Internet access I can get is through my mobile phone provider's (Sprint) EVDO network. I use a D-link Kyocera KR1 EVDO router to get Internet access through my computer (CAT5 cable from router to computer).

Because my apartment is so small, the only practical place to position the KR1 is on a shelf about 18 inches away from my head. I know that long-term exposure to cell phone radiation is probably harmless to me, but I think the KR1 puts out a much stronger signal than a cell phone.

I'm wondering, does it sound practical to place a 6 " x 10 " piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil about 1 inch from the KR1, in between the KR1 and my head, with the purpose of interfering with the radio waves (blocking them?) in that particular direction?

I believe my Internet access would be unaffected, because the KR1 would still more than 75% of a "sphere of radiation" to propagate its signal.

Would such a setup potentially "block" radio waves in the way that I'm thinking? (Or have the waves already messed up my thinking?)

Thanks in advance.

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The power level emitted from your wireless equipment is so low that you should not worry about it.

If you are paranoid you can make a shield using aluminum foil on a piece of cardboard. The radio waves will travel around it anyways.

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Jerry G.

Wear a tinfoil hat.Make sure it has a low impedance ground connection.

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Your best bet might be to use a directional antenna (assuming the one you have is removable).

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