Touchscreen 4 or 5 wire -- how to determine

There are 4 wires coming from my touch screen:

1 - right of panel (X2) 2 - left of panel (X1) 3 - bottom of panel (Y2) 4 - top of panel (Y1)

I am not sure if 4 or 5 wires is referring to the numbers of output pins (as listed above) or the number of wires internal to the resistive touch screen. If you take a look at page 1 of the following link there is a four-wire and a five-wire diagram both having a 4 wire output.

formatting link

If both cases (4-wire and 5-wire) have a 4 wire output how can I determine how the touch screen was designed? The datasheet and support for the screen is horrible!

Thanks for the info!


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