FS: 120 VDC regulated power supplies

I made up a bunch of 120 VDC regulated open frame power supply boards for some of my tube audio projects (go to

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for more info). These are perfect for 6DJ8, 12A_7 tubes run at reduced plate voltage, and subminiature tubes like 5977, 6021, 6111, 6112, 6814, and so on. The boards supply a minimum of 28 mA before dropping out of regulation, are short circuit protected, and use a flat pack, split bobbin transformer so they can fit into a single rack space enclosure.

I have a surplus of them sitting around. I made extras to sell, but never got around to promoting them. I'd kinda like to get my cash back out of these, so I'm dropping my price on these to $29 each until I liquidate my surplus (or until the end of August, whichever comes first).

I also have a SMALL surplus of my 12.6 VDC regulated supplies taking up space. Buy one of each, and the price for both will be $55. The 12.6 VDC boards are the same footprint, and are good to at least 380 mA. You can power a pair of 12A_7 heaters, or run two pairs of subminiature heaters in series, (or a single 6DJ8 heater with a power resistor in series to drop the extra voltage), and still have a little juice left over to power a few LED's or a solid state circuit.

Interested? Please RESPOND BY EMAIL (do not post)to snipped-for-privacy@aol.com

Regards, Tom Mitchell website -

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