Electronic ballast building...HELP PLEASE!!!

I'm in need of a lot of fluo tubes, so my q is : Can I make a electronic ballast because magnetic ones are to pricey? There are no shemes of PCBs on the net:-(((( I,m a newbie so , please keep it simple:-) ...analog, no IC's, maybe whit diodes or something? somebody smart?

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I am a newbie = don't mess with high voltages.

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I would advise you to find someone selling an old sunbed that used the old Brantham or Controllogy electronic ballasts, they handle 8 100w tubes at the same time. There are 6-8 boards depending on the bed you get, just make sure you bolt down the heatsink properly to something large because they run very hot, forced air cooling is also a definate plus too. If you are only using 8 or less tubes, I have a refurbished board here, for a fee of course...

regards Alastair

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Alastair McGloan

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