Diode motor speed reducer

It wont work. You don't get 30 Hz by sticking a diode in the ac line. You WILL get 60 DC pulses per second, and an overheated motor. Not only that, but the motor isn't designed to run at 30 Hz. it would take more laminations in both the rotor and stator.

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Supposedly, I can use a diode to halve an AC motor speed, since the diode blocks either the rising or falling wave, depending on which direction I install it; 60 hz clips to 30, so a synchronous motor connected downstream would run at 1/2 speed.

Which diode can safely handle a hypothetical 1 amp max load @ 120v, constant duty?

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Dr. Rev. Chuck, M.D. P.A.

You can't do that for a synchronous motor. It's an inductive AC electromagnet. It will burn up in a few seconds with DC power.

The diode trick only works on motors that can use DC too.

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Kevin McMurtrie

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