Xilinbx Online store XC2C32A, XC2C64A missing ?

Anyone know why these two smaller CPLDs seem to have vanished from the Xilinx Webstore ? Other parts show 'out of stock' tags, so they do not remove on nil stock, - do they not want these going into new designs ?


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Jim Granville
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thats weird, XC2C32A are the latest Xilinx PLDs !! So if those are not recommended than nothing is. Doesnt make sense to take them off from online. Xilinx is currently the only company having made no new PLD announcements for some time (except the "A" version of the XC32C32/64), so it makes one really wonder what Xilinx policy about the flash/PLD business is.

MAX2 and MachXO are really cool flash-PLDs, or well better to say they are Xilinx XC2K with onchip flash :)

Antti Jim we have some XC2C32 in stock if you need some immediatly

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Antti Lukats

A month or so ago, they carried the non-A versions. The data sheet linked to on the same line had a not-recommended-for-new-designs note.

I assume they fixed that but adding the -A version fell through the cracks.

Anybody know where to get them in small quantities? Digikey doesn't carry any of the CoolRunner parts. (Or any other modern low power CPLDs.)

Lattice won't let me see their data sheets without signing up and getting spammed. (The spam might be optional.)

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