Why Xilinx Ten Gigabit Ethernet PCS/PMA IP Core 32-bit version use less resources than 64-bit version?

The 32-bit version should have better latency performance but I think it's more complex, so it should use more resources.

But as the link below

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32-bit version is better in all kinds of aspects of resource utilization.

If the 32-bit version has better latency, needs less resource. What's its cost to get these advantages?

I'm totally confused.

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64-bit data path needs double the registers for pipelining & data outputs compared to 32-bit data path. That would be the reason for increased resources. But, the difference in resources are not in a greater scale as per the Xilinx table in the above link. With 64-bit interface, the user clock will be half of that of 32-bit version. I feel that's the big advantage of running the core @ lesser clock frequency compared to 32-bit version.

With Regards, HP Bhat

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