using internal POR

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Hi all. I'm new to all this FPGA stuff. Recently bought the Xilinx
Spartan-3 starter kit (now I regret not waiting 2 months for the newer
kit that includes way more for just an extra $50).
Anyways, I'm new to designs in VHDL. I have a background on
microcontrollers (Microchip) but this is so different I feel lost

My question is, I implemented a PS/2 mouse interface from This needs a reset signal sometime. If I set this signal
to either 0 or 1, the circuit does not work. What I did was keep the
circuit in reset until the clock counter reaches a certain value, and
then release the reset from this module. This works but it seems kind
of nasty. Is there a nicer way to do this?


Re: using internal POR
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no, there is not much else, if you need a reset then you need some sort of
circuitry that generates the reset pulse
if you are using DCM you may also need to start your reset counter after the
DCM lock goes high assuring that the system is released from reset when the
internal clocks are stable

Antti Lukats

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