Tool chains that take in EDIF 2 0 0/LPM 2 1 0

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The Icarus Verilog -tfpga is gaining generic LPM family support,
to be used as a least common demoninator default library. It is
of course always nice to test software I write, so I'm on the
hunt for tools that read in EDIF netlists that use LPM devices.
I'd be highly biased towards Linux software. I have Windows 2000
off to the side here, but it's a chore.

Ideally, the software that can read my EDIF/LPM output would be
able to in turn emit Verilog that I can use to regression test
my code generator and synthesizer.

Any suggestions?

(I have a feeling Altera and Lattice may support this sort of
thing, but I hate IDEs and I *hate* MS Windows.)
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