RocketIO & Infiniband BERs?

Xilinx has a report on Infiniband cable characterisation with RocketIO MGTs (v2.0, May 10th 2004,

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Unfortunately, this is vague on BER measurements. The intro states that BERs are presented for various configurations but, in the event, the data summary table only states whether or not the configuration "meets RX requirements", which presumably means whether or not the BER is

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Paul Johnson
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BER over IB cables have a specific compliance measurement requirement, which I unfortunately do not have access to at the office, but I'll look it up later (I was a member of the physical layer subgroups of both EWG and CIWG amongst other things and I have the docs at home). I would assume Xilinx used that compliance spec requirement for the test (if they didn't, they obviously should not be claiming compliance).

The specific requirements for IB cable (for single data rate, 2.5Gb/s per pair) is


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