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Hey guys, I'd recommend that splitting up your design into smaller
projects is not the way to proceed, IMHO. You are just going to
complicate your design and make it more difficult to simulate.

How much memory does your PC have? What's the processor? Is the hard
disk working a lot during compilation? Check the memory usage using
the Task Manager: see if the machine is running out of RAM and paging
to hard disk. If so, you should buy some more RAM: RAM is cheap, far
cheaper than messing around with your project to get it to compile in
a smaller memory space. Paging to hard disk will slow down compilation
vastly (perhaps by a factor of 10 or more).

You should alsi install DK2.0 SP1 and PDK 2.0. PDK 2.0 has a new
standard library with more efficient implementations (in terms of
compilation time) of the useful macros.

Don't use the netlist simulator: this is old and has not been updated
for a while. I think it is provided by Celoxica merely for backwards
compatibility or for long-term users. The new simulator simulates a
lot faster and is much more stable. Also, the netlist simulator cannot
simulate multiple projects at once any more than the new simulator

Make sure you have the latest version of the Xilinx tools with the
latest service packs.

Things you can look for are: heavy use of recursive macros. These
should be avoided as they take a lot of time and memory to compile.
Read the Celoxica Knowledge Base ( ) for
tips on optimising your design: there is plenty of useful information
there. Sometimes optimisations that produce more efficient code can
also bring down the compilation time.

Good designing


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