QUES: Where can I find Xilinx M1 tools

I have to make a change to a XC4005pc84-5 part but I don't have the tools that support XC4000 parts. I've gone all the way back to Alliance Series 1.5i and XC4000E's are supported but not XC4000's. I believe I need an old set of M1 tools but I don't know where to find them. Does anyone know where I can get an old set of Xilinx tools that can supports XC4000 parts (not XC4000E parts).

Thanks for any info.


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You probably need the XACT tools, if the 4000s weren't supported in 1.5 then they probably weren't supported in M1 either.

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B. Joshua Rosen

I believe you need the Classic package.

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Steve Casselman

Are you sure they aren't bitstream compatible? I seem to recall that a lot of different XC4000xxx families used the same bit stream, they just used different voltages, etc.

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Ralph Malph

Here is what I wrote for the 1998 data book:

"Any XC4000E device is pin-out and bitstream-compatible with the corresponding XC4000 device. An existing XC4000 bitstream can be used to program an XC4000E device, but since the XC4000E includes many new features, an XC4000E bitstream cannot be loaded into an XC4000 device."

And X000EX and -XL are all derived from ther XC4000E...

So this means, you need XC4000-type software, and we are look>

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Peter Alfke

The software that you need is prior to M1. It is the XACT sw, the last version was 5.2.1 (DOS) 6.0.1 (Win 3.1). This sw requires a dongle to run. The dongle needs a printer port that doesn't run too fast (recent machines can cycle port reads and writes too fast to the printer port, and the dongle does not respond correctly. An ISA bus plugin printer port card has a higher probability of running the dongle that the now more common PCI based parallel printer ports)


Philip Freidin Fliptronics

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Philip Freidin

Ted -- I feel for you! Xilinx has dropped all support on their newer tools (as you've discovered) for legacy parts such as the XC4005! I have made several trumpet blasts on this newsgroup about this very problem. Just do a google search in the groups category on XACT.

XC4005(non E) devices are ONLY support by XACT 5.2.1 software -- a CD was offered by Xilinx which contained the tools which could either be hosted on a PC supporting Win 3.1 or on a Sun Workstation supporting SUNOS 4.1.

A Xilinx or a Xilinx distributor should assist you in getting the CD. Regarding the license(dongle for the PC) -- Xilinx will help you with that as well.

I hope this helps.


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