Quadrature Modulation Tutorial

I have made a tutorial using flash programs that will help you understand how quadrature modulation and quadrature demodulation works. It is located here:

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I try to show you without getting bogged down in the math. The hope is that after going through the tutorial that the math will be easier to understand. (The math for this stuff can be found many places online)

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Is that you site? If so, I would like to tell you that your flash programs are damn good. Never saw something so ituitive to play. I haven´t looked everything yet but a FFT with frequency and phase of a sine function as inputs and FFT modulus and phase as outputs (bonus points if you can choose the window functions) would do wonders to teach such concepts.

Very well done.


Em 22/05/2011 01:19, brent escreveu:

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