MPMC does not finish initialization in simulation

Hello Friends,

I am working on virtex6. I am trying to debug a problem by simulating in modelsim. But in the simulation I get a different problem. My platform uses DDR3 SDRAM via xilinx's MPMC (6.02a).

During simulation, the MPMC gets busy initializing itself, but never finishes (at least not for until 2ms).

To fasten the initialization in the MHS file, I first set PARAMETER C_SKIP_SIM_INIT_DELAY = 1

That didnt help. So to be sure I also then set


I see WRITE level initialization finishes, but read level does not. The simulation continues forever ( I simulated for 2ms, which took around 1Hr with my hardware platform)

What could be wrong? Have I missed something?

I am not memory expert, I just want the MPMC to work during simulation.


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I can't help with that.

However, back when I was doing simulations, they usually finished sometime during the night after I started them. However, I once saw a simulation (of a circuit board with mostly ASIC on it) that took three months to finish.

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Robert Miles

I'm not familiar with the MPMC, but I had issues with MIG simulations not finishing "calibration." It seems that my problem had to do with a minimum delay requirement on the data path. If you look at the test bench provided with the MIG design, there are delays in the data connections between MIG and the memory model. You may need to duplicate these in your test bench if they're not already in there.

-- Gabor

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