MicroBlaze in Spartan3, external memory interface

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Does anyone have any experience in interfacing SDRAM, SBSRAM and FLASH to MicroBlaze in Spartan-3? I am somewhat confused with the number of various memory controllers mentioned on the EDK web pages, albeit many of them don't name Spartan-3 amongst their target technologies... Can this be done with just Logicores?

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When interfacing external memories with Microblaze you want to use the memory controllers includes in the Embedded Development Kit (EDK) and not the Logicores.

For the SDRAM interface you want to use the OPB_SDRAM controller. For the SBSRAM interface you want to use the OPB_EMC controller. For the FLASH interface you want to use the OPB_EMC controller.

Both of these cores are supported for Spartan-3 in the latest EDK 6.2 service pack 2 release.


MM wrote:

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Shalin Sheth

Thanks Shalin. Do you have by any chance a practical example of a similar memory configuration showing how to multiplex the control pins of the 2 controllers? I am in the board level design stage with this project and I need to define the FPGA pinout before plunging deep into studying the cores.


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