ISE 8.1 error, help

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I get this error when synthesising:

ERROR:HDLParsers:3338 -
"H:\Projektmapp\DENEX_LCS90_R2_V2\VHDL\TEST\fisa_vhdl.prj" Line 1.  Bad file
name in project file:

And i found a solution at XILINX:

Problem Description:

Keywords: XST, HDL, Parser

During synthesis, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:HDLParsers:3338 - "<...>" Line 1. Bad file name in project file: Env
Variable <...> not defined."

Solution 1:
The reason is that the project path contains a "$" character, which is read
as an environment variable.

To work around this error, remove the "$" character from the path name.

This issue will be fixed in ISE 8.2i.

But where do i find this path??

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