how to get the data from ADC

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I am doing project in college. i want to know how to get the digital data from the ADC and store in the fpga Ram (say spartan II). pls give me some suggestions. actually, the design connected with the analog part. the analog part end will have ADC. how to get the data from the ADC..



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To get the data from the ADC, read the data sheet on the ADC available from the manufacturer's website which includes the signal states and transitions needed to get a value. Connect these signals to the FPGA in a way that you reproduce those signals.

To get the data into the BlockRAM, read the description of the BlockRAM's operation and the signal states and transitions needed to write that data in the Libraries Guide in the Xilinx Software manuals (

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). Apply those signals in your FPGA.

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Obviously no one is going to do your homework for you.

Anyway, this is a basic suggestion for proceeding :

- First select an ADC, either serial (often SPI) or parallel access, depending on your requirements in terms of precision etc..

- Study the possible interfaces

-- Serial is less consuming in terms of pins, but more difficult to develop in VHDL, since you will have to control serial clock, chip select and serial data in/out ; and serialize/deserialize the data for storage into the FPGA memory. You will find a lot of serial ADC's.

-- Parallel is easier to describe in VHDL, but needs more interface lines

Once you made up your mind, carefully study the selected interface (SPI for instance or parallel). Also study the interface to the synchronous dual port rams. Then devise a state machine that shall do the work . You of course need a clock to control your state machines.

I hope this can help a bit.

NOTE: an experienced VHDL programmer would require something like between two hours and six hours to do the job, assuming a good knowledge of the Spartan II, of the SPI bus and state machines. So, do not expect to make your homework in just a few days, because you start from scratch.

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Hi, -> how to get the data from the ADC hello friends,

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