how to convert analog signal cccam video to digital using systemc

In the context of a university research, I try to convert the signal coming from an analog camera (1000tvl camera style) to obtain a digital signal and save it in a file in format h264; All using SYSTEMC.
RQ: I start in systemc
Someone can help me or guide me. thank you
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Step one: learn all you need about video. Step two: learn all you need about System C Step three: put them together.
Seriously, what other answer can someone give to such a general question?
If you're capable of doing the job at all, this book should help with step one:
You may not find your particular camera's interface specification in there, but reading that book should help a lot to understanding what the camera's doing.
A _really rough sketch_ of what you need to do is:
* synchronize to the incoming video. The camera will generate horizontal and vertical sync signals that you'll need to synchronize to with phase- locked loops. For best performance, you may want to have a dedicated analog pixel clock on the board that's not synthesized by the FPGA.
Sample the pixels at the right time.
* Build frames in memory.
(This ends the analog part)
Convert those frames to the digital format of your choice
* Get them onto disk
Note that there are a LOT of options and tradeoffs involved with the "convert to digital" part -- mostly concerning what sort of compression you use and how good it is.
I've seen this sort of thing done from scratch in commercial/military products. In that sort of environment I'd guess that it'd take a three to six-man team about a year to get a prototype, and another six months to get into production. Getting a demonstration working on a eval board that only has to work at room temperature and with an expert running things should take a lot less effort.
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