How to control peripheral say a small DC motor using ML300

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Hi All

I am working on the ML300 board and am trying to control an external

peripheral, which is a small DC motor using the board. I have writte
a PWM code (control the motor) and the code is synthesyzing fine als
its simulation results are good enough. I also managed to convert i
as a peripharal which attaches itself to the OPB, using IPIF.

My question is, How do we make the PWM module inside the FPGA talk t

the amplifier circuit for the motor ( supposing i have a bridg
circuit which amplifies the PWM output(series of pulses) ). The issu
is like this, I have a PWM output signal on the opb bus, and i wan
the output (the pulse), to be transferred to the external circuit
using the GPIO/Experimental area (board is directly below the touc

If someone could throw somelight into this problem, that will be o

great help. Looking forward to replies in this regard

Thanks and Regards


re:How to control peripheral say a small DC motor using ML300

I looked into the bin folder and the security.dll is available there

I guess the path variables are set when we install the software
there is a choice when we install, the software. well is there anywa
we can set the path variables manually?

Thanks for the replie

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