Doubt in using CD22M3494


We are using CD22M3494(16 X 8 audio switch).Which has 128 switches. Now initially i connect switch X0 to switch Y0 , this particular switch is closed(commected) now. Now if i need to connect X1 to Y0 , should i open(disconnect) the connection between X0 and Y0.What happens if i do not open the switch X0 to Y0. Will the Y0 output be superimposed version of X0 and X1.

Plese clarify on this.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Prav

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I have never used this part, but from the datasheet:

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Yes, you need to break the connection first.

You will short X0 to X1 to Y0. If the source impedance is low (like a digital cmos output) you could damage the source or the switch. If the source impedance is high (like a capacitor coupled audio output) it may simply superimpose the signals.

Alan Nishioka

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