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I use an APEX 20k1000c. I insert nodes for signaltap, re-compile it and now the only things i have is "post-triggering" when it acquires signals but it seems the signals are stucked to '1'.

I didn't give a value for "input trigger", is it a problem ?

First it displays : Waiting for clock => I reset the device with DEVCLRn and then it displays : "post triggering". Does it means the trigger condition occurs and i can't see the data because i use a circular buffer which overwrite the trigger time (I hope i'm quite understandable) ?

Can someone helps me?


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"Waiting for clock" means that there is no activity on the clock signal that you have specified. I don't quite understand why you reset the device.


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I checked with an oscillo the clock signal and it's ok and connected on the good pin (N30). The message disappears when i reset the device, i suppose the clock is behind a latch and the reset permits to make the signal pass through this latch.

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The "waiting for clock" status indicates that your acquisition clock is not active. As other posters indicated, you should check that your acquisition clock is active and specified correctly in your SignalTap II file. You can select your acquisition clock by browsing to your clock input from the Signal Configuration Pane of the SignalTap II file (.stp).

When the acquisition clock is active and the trigger condition is met, the status of the ELA changes to "Acquiring post-trigger data", indicating that the Embedded Logic Analyzer (ELA) is acquiring data and filling your circular buffer. When the buffer is full, the status will change to "Offloading acquired data" and then to "Ready to acquire". So I don't think you're overwriting your own data, as your first post asked.

When you say you reset the device, what do you mean? Toggling a reset signal on your logic that enables a gated clock would be strange, and I'd recommend you switch to using a non-gated clock for your acquisition clock. If you are asserting the DEVCLRn pin to do a hardware reset of the device, you will have trouble. DEVCLRn clears all registers in the device including the ELA registers. When the ELA registers are cleared, the SignalTap II file will not display the correct status until you re-run the analysis by choosing Stop Analysis followed by Run Analysis (Processing menu).

It seems most likely that your acquisition clock is incorrectly set in the SignalTap II file (.stp), or has strange logic on the clock path, given your recent posting. Hence cleaning up this clock / using another clock would be a good idea.

For more info and details, see the SignalTap chapter of the Quartus reference manual at

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Hope this helps,



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