Bluetooth with FPGA?????

hi everybody,

I am in the last year of communications department, faculty of Engineering, and I need help for my graduation project.

The final stage is to interface the Spartan-3 to a USB Bluetooth dongle to support wireless voice and/or data communications modulated with DSSS (IS-95 CDMA).

I need to interface the USB dongle to the PS/2 port of Spartan-3 using a PS/2-to-USB converter.

I have tried to find data sheets and timing diagrams of a USB dongle in order to understand how it works but found nothing.

Can anyone help?


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For very standard interfaces, it is common to not find much useful timing or datasheet type information on a particular vendors device. You need to search for the USB specification. Google finds it.

Good luck,


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Marc Randolph

You will find is MUCH easier to use something other than USB - apart from the complexity in doing USB host, info is likely to be scarce on accessing the device. One of the many serial bluetooth OEM modules would be a LOT easier, and will be properly documented.

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Mike Harrison

Sorry, it's not going to work. USB-to-PS/2B converters only support PS/2 keyboards, mice, and similar devices on USB hosts. They don't let PS/2 hosts talk to arbitrary USB devices such as Bluetooth dongles.

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Eric Smith


I was looking at a similar issue recently.

The problem is that bluetooth dongles are SLAVE devices -- or in the USB terminology, simply USB devices. They are supposed to work under the control of a USB host (controller), which is ussualy a PC. The USB host has to perform USB bus enumeration and probably other complex tasks. This means your FPGA has to perform the tasks of a USB host ... (see USB Complete 3rd edition, Jan Axelson) Also note that the bluetooth dongle is supposed to be powered-up by the power lines (5V) available on the USB interface ...

Finally, the bluetooth protocol is quite complex and implementing the bluetooth stack is not trivial. You may want to take a look at

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to get an idea.

There are USB controllers that implement the OTG (On The Go) supplement to USB. They allow devices to comunicate with other devices -- that is, allow devices to work as hosts. (see

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Check the datasheets for Philips ISP1362, TransDimension TD242LP, Cypress CY7C67200EZ-OTG

My advice to you is to use a eb100-SER

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module. It has the full bluetooth stack implemented in firmware with a serial profile available on power-up and they say 230kb/s bandwidth. You connect to this module over a serial UART (easy to implement in an FPGA). It's simple to use and it worked for me ...

:) According to me you face a nice project but a huge one most probably...

Good luck and hope this helps. Cristian

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