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I'm part of a new startup, Zeidman Technologies, that's developing a
new software tool, called SynthOS, that will automatically generate an
RTOS that's optimized for your hardware. This RTOS has a tiny
footprint, only includes code that you actually use, checks for
certain hazards and race conditions, and can speed your development
time. It can be used for multi-processor systems. It's particularly
useful for platform SOCs like the ones from Xilinx, Altera, and LSI
Logic. We're looking for beta customers. If you think that this tool
can help you on an upcoming project, please contact me (see contact
info below). Feel free to forward this message to colleagues that
might benefit from SynthOS.

Bob Zeidman
Zeidman Technologies
Phone: 408.255.9279
Fax:   408.255.4881

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