Atmel AT40k/94k Configuration Format Documentation

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"William Sealey Gosset" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:

Way to go!

Atmels FPGA tools JUST SUCK

I still do have the FPSLIC starterkit download cable and even dongle laying aroung but never had much time. Well I started Atmel JBits library once, but that wasnt much finished, I may dig it out now.

I can verify your public document as I do happen to have the original document, what I have actually obtained without signing NDA :), sure to the bottom end that doesnt change anything.

I wonder if the soon to be announced FPSLIC-II has some new features as well or is just technology schrink and new package?

Antti PS

formatting link

I like wiki to edit online documents :)

PPS if you like I have one AT94K laying around (and conf memory for it too), I can send to you free or charge (the chip is older die revision without JTAG interface).

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Antti Lukats

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