Altera USB Blaster clone driver for STM32F1xx

Does anyone have the drivers for Windows 10 64 bit use of the STM32F1xx bas
ed USB Blaster clones? They are readily available, inexpensive and the STM3
2 Cortex CPU should have plenty of performance for these to work well. Howe
ver, the firmware isn't fully Altera compatible so when connected via USB t
hey crash the machine with a blue screen reboot.
I just received mine and for the price, ordering a different one would be w
orth while but I would like to get this one working instead of waiting 1 to
2 weeks for another. And most vendors don't show which CPU theirs uses so
I could end up with another that I can't use.
Any and all pointers will be most appreciated!
For reference, I'm running Quartus 16.0.2 in Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit.
The clone's PC board has a row of 11 vias for a header which I suspect is
used for programming it, if anyone has ideas about that as well.
Best to you all -
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Jim Horn
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Not what you want to hear, but you could maybe get things working with a virtual machine (i.e. VirtualBox) running a 32-bit Windows version. You'll be able to do everything from the existing machine, just more clunkily.
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Tim Wescott
Hi?I'm doing a same thing with a STM32F072 NUCLUE board .Now PC can operate the USB blaster driver when connected via USB .But it can't be id entified in Quartus ii . May be you did't send the right pid &vid and descriptors to PC,so the mach ine reboot with a blue screen . Do you solve the problem ?
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