oscilloscope output through serial port

Hi! I'm using Tektronix TSD220 oscilloscope for recording Video and Audio signals from DVD playback. I'm interested in calculating the Delta between Audio and Video signals. I would like to connect the oscilloscope to the PC and to record the oscilloscope output to a file (of any kind). Is this thing possible? Which software is needed for this aim? Which configurations? THanks, Karin

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You need the interface module that goes in the port on the back. I don't think you can dump raw ADC data out that port, though - it is intended for trace printouts.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

You are right: There is no way to dump the raw ADC data. Even the IEEE488 Module does not offer enough bandwith. Update rate is approx. 30 waveforms/s, so you are far from realtime application.

hth, Andreas

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