Maximum amount of RAM depends on ECC?

I was looking for some memory for my desktop PC and was very surprised by what I found in this page:

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According to that page, the maximum amount of RAM is half (!?) if I use ECC.

Maximum amount of memory : 2.0 GB (ECC)/4.0 GB (non-ECC)

The computer is a Dell Precision Workstation 650.

How can that be right?


-Ramon F Herrera

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Ramon F Herrera
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This group deals with oscilloscopes, wave soldering equipment, automated test equipment--that sort of thing.

Questions about general-purpose computers should go in groups with *comp* in their names.

Questions about computer hardware should go in groups with *hardware* in their names.

As you are already at Google, it would be a good idea to learn how to use their search engine.

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