Making Google Groups' Usenet interface less painful to use (Killfile, etc.)

(was: Can Google Groups do cross-posting?)

redbelly wrote: ::My main beef with GG is no killfile or "ignore this user" feature. :: In message news: nuny@ bid.nes (Mark L. Fergerson) wrote: :If you use Firefox, :find and download something called Greasemonkey and install it. : You can get it to work with ANY Gecko-based browser.

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:Then go to and get their GG killfile addon. : This is what I have been wanting. Damian Penney is my new hero.[1] Not only has he produced the "Google Groups KillFile" script for GreaseMonkey[2], that same script allows you to reclaim the space used by that stupid righthand column on Google Groups pages.

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Hat tip to Mystyk who did the initial work on this

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and another one to Mark for pointing to this. . . [1] ...pushing aside some guys who get big props in my book.

[2] Properly written in camel case
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