FA: Tektronix 497P 100 Hz-21 GHz spectrum analyzer

The 497P is specified for coverage between 100 Hz and 7.1 GHz, but because this late-model unit shares its hardware platform with the top- of-the-line 494AP, I was able to calibrate it for the 494AP's full 21 GHz range. It is basically a 494AP without an OCXO standard and external-mixer jack.

This analyzer is in unusually-clean shape, and includes a cover and set of manuals. It would be a good economical alternative to a 494AP for any RF/microwave experimenters who can live without the waveguide mixer option.

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As an aside, this unit has the latest 49x ROMs I've run across (version

9.7 from 1992). The EPROMs were socketed, so I took the liberty of reading them to .BIN files. If anyone needs them to repair their analyzer, drop me an email and I'll send the images to you. These ROMs can support any 49x analyzer of similar vintage, including the 494AP, 492AP, 492BP, 492PGM, 495P, and the 2753-2756 line. (They probably would NOT work in older instruments such as the original 492/494/496 analyzers.)

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