Compact Flash with Lecroy 93XX scopes?


I have a Lecroy 9384TM scope which works great. It has a slot for a CardBus compact flash adapter. I have tried a couple of combinations of CF card / adapter, without success. Has anyone found a combination of CF / adapter that will work? The Lecroy part is no longer available, and was very expensive when it was.

Thanks for any feedback. This would likely be helpful to any other Lecroy users out there.


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Sure it would. I own 2 9354M scopes and would like to use that memory card...

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Sergey Kubushin

Hi all,

I have tried it with a 9354AL, a compact flash adapter for PCMCIA and a 512MB Kingston Compact Flash memory, and it does NOT work. It seems that only 512kbytes SRAM are accepted on the front memory card slot.

The next generation oscilloscopes (LC534 and others) do support this. Check the Lecroy FAQ/Knowledge base to get more info about flash memories accepted by these new oscilloscope series.

In any case, if you have installed option HD01 in your 93XX oscilloscope , you can buy one of these cards:

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Finally, if you just want to get a screenshot and have it in your computer, only a null modem cable is neede. Check this link:

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