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Does anyone have a code snippet for an rs232 irq handler for the z8encore
dev. board?  I have tried and tried to successfully transmit to
Hyperterminal and I am at best, seeing every other character transfer.  Even
if I change the index to start at 1 and not 0, I see the same characters
transfer(i.e. 'Hello World' can be seen as HloWrdxxxxx where x represents
different extended ascii characters such that the total characters displayed
to Hyperterminal = 11, the same as in 'Hello World').

Steve Wenner

Re: z8encore
Let's see what your transmit code looks like. You're at least talking via the
serial port. It just looks like you're either putting the characters to send
into your output buffer incorrectly, or pulling them out incorrectly when you
grab a byte to transmit.

Re: z8encore

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You sure that isn't something like HxlxoxWxrxd?  Something like that would
indicate the wrong number of stop bits.


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