XCHG instruction: load register AX with a 1


In the XCHG instruction, why would be load register AX with a 1 prior to excution of XCHG - is this

- to insure that the "Flag" variable will be set to 1 after the XCHG or

- the XCHG instruction will not work unless a 1 is loaded into AX before executing the XCHG instruction ?


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None of those.

It is to ensure that your local effective address as stored in DX doesn't overload your carry flag.

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Sorry buddy, I am not falling for it this time.


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Isaac Bosompem

Don't listen to the other guys, they are trying to trick you. You should load EAX with 0x01010101, then the flag will be correctly set to 1 irrespectively of the endian setting.


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Wilco Dijkstra

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