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Hi Folks,

I am looking for source code (preferably C) for a serial loader
(running on x86) that will execute straight after bootsector (i.e.
pre-os). The intention is to load a file (i-rec) over a serial port and
execute in RAM.

After hours of searching I can only find OS based serial code or reams
of assembly (the back-up plan). Any non-OS serial code would be
appreciated such as a simple terminal which I can adapt.

Best Regards

Re: x86 Serial Loader

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Are you using an embedded x86 controller
or a stock motherboard?  I'm unclear on
how you're going to get your loader into
ram in the first place.

If you code it up in assembly, you can
probably get it into the boot sector
of a floppy.  I've done an X-modem CRC
receiver in about 512 bytes.  I know
that you're looking for a existing
solution, but what you're asking for
will most likely be fairly customized
to the hardware platform you're using.
So you might want to just suck it up
and write it yourself.

I could probably send you asm source
for the X-modem CRC program I have.

Re: x86 Serial Loader
Perhaps the link below can help you out, the debugger contains a very simple
Intel hex bootloader,



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Re: x86 Serial Loader
Thanks for the response and I will certainly take a careful look at

The installation is on a COTS PC104 single board computer booting to on
board flash. We have 64k available so size shouldn't be too much of a
problem. The previous version of the board had this capability built in
(somewhere in BIOS extensions I believe) but due to obsolecence we are
forced down a different path ........ so much for drop-in replacement.

I have done this many times before on micro-controllers (such as H8S)
but this is the first time on micro-processor. I am lead to believe
there are 2 options for serial comms either via direct hardware
addressing or BIOS calls. Which is easiest/best?

Best Regards


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