Why does my pc now recognize my keyboard

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hi all. rick here and new to this board. one wouldnt
normally find this important but i'm a disabled (online
college student) so, of course its, life or death to me.
I've been using a usb house brand  no name usb
keyboard for about 2 years. i bought a backup micro innovations
from walmart with a nonusb connector.  my computer does not
recognize it.  my 'help" in windows 98 says if i turn off the
computer and turn it on with the new keyboard attached, it would
recognize the hardware. it does not.  i went to micro innovations
web site and didnt see any drivers to download. any ideas? i'm
panicking with finals due.  please email me at snipped-for-privacy@cablelynx.com if
anyone has an idea. it would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Why does my pc now recognize my keyboard

[tale of pc woes and disability snipped]

I have an idea, try a group where your question isn't totaly off topic.


Re: Why does my pc now recognize my keyboard
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Take it back to Walmart and have them fix it.

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