Why can't I load code with the debugger ?

My target board is wired with Renesas Microcontroller Unit M16C/6N5 Group. Device M306N5FC. The target board is connected to Renesas E8a Emulator or debugger. The debugger software that I'm using is Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop Version

I start the debugger program. I click on connect. I select the MCU Group and Device. Then, for mode I select 'Erase Flash and Connect'. I then select 'Power Target from Emulator' and select 5 Volts. I click OK. While the debugger software is connecting, it says flash memory is erasing. I am using this microcontroller in single-chip mode. I view the contents of internal ROM. They are erased except the vector table at 0xFFFDC - 0xFFFFF isn't erased.

Then, I try to download my executable that contains debugging information. It always downloaded the code to internal ROM but now it never works. Debugger displays the following message:

"Memory area error. It overlaps the system range".

Internal ROM is 128-Kbytes. It's address range is: 0xE0000 - 0xFFFFF.

To the best of my knowledge I didn't change anything. Why suddenly I cannot the load code into ROM. This flash chip is rated for 100 write cycles. Have I exceeded the write cycle limit?

I have spaghetti wiring between my target board and actuators. Could this be wiring issue?

I look at the release version of executable, Motorola s-record. It's all FF's, except address range 0xFC000 - 0xFFE4D has data. This must be the code I'm loading with the debugger. This is within the system range.

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So the usual question: What did you do, before you did not change anything? ;-) You say the code file to be loaded is all FF except 0xFC000 - 0xFFE4D. Does that mean it contains s-records outside of this range? What do you expect the system do with that? It does not know how to deal with that and is telling you.

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The application code file information in my original question is incorrect.

I believe this is a erase problem. Firmware Location tab in the HEW Debugger says Program Firmware is 0x800 bytes, address range 0xE0000 -

0xFF700. When I connect to the target board with the debugger, HEW says it's erasing flash. I believe it's erasing these 0x800 bytes. After erase is completed, I inspect these 0x800 bytes. Not all of them are erased. Address range 0xE0000 - 0xE07F8 isn't erased. That's a problem because my application that I load starts at 0xE0000.

Erase/Program from debugger must have been working before because I never had problem loading my application from the debugger. I didn't do anything before I didn't change anything.

The only explanation I have is that this is a internal flash memory problem. Only 100 write cycles are guaranteed.

Does the group agree with my thoughts? I would like more opinions before I start replacing chips.

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