what should i see in ngw100's serial port in the first boot (using buildroot)?

Hi, is just that i built buildroot successfully, and i put the files in the= SD card (the ones from the root folder), but i dont see anything in the se= rial port (using minicom), i don't know what to do, if someone could help m= e it would be really great because i need to make this work as soon as poss= ible, thanks in advanced.=20

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card (the ones

minicom), i don't know

make this work

It's a long time since I worked with an NGW100 but I'd expect the first thing you see to be the U-boot prompt. Are you getting that ? I think you should be, because ISTR that the boards come with U-boot already installed.

First thing worth doing would be checking your serial link. Do you have a straight-through cable when you need a crossover, or vice versa ? Have you configured your terminal emulator correctly (start with

115200 8N1 and disable modem control and flow control until you can see characters being exchanged) ?

If you're sure the serial link is OK, if you can talk to other serial devices OK, then perhaps you need to load the U-boot that you build in your toolchain onto the board first. Atmel's pages have loads of information on doing this.


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