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I have been trying IAR EWSTM8 Beta version. This beta version has solved a = problem with crashes as result of Live Watch activation and yet some improv= ements. Still, one of the annoying issues with EWSTM8 is breakpoints.=20 When breakpoint breaks the program, I can't run or go step-by-step, until t= he breakpoint is removed, so it is not so convenient. As well, sometimes I = see some communication timeout errors. The 1st problem occurs in the most p= laces in my program, but there are some places where it works properly. In = my work we have 3 EWSTM8 seats and the problem is visible in everyone of th= em. Nevertheless, at IAR site the problem is not reproducible, so they're s= tuck.

I'm kindly asking here, if somebody has been facing the same problem or hav= e some other issues, to share them here. It would be very important also to= get your understanding of the problem.=20

Thank you, E.L.

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I am curious what kind of Beta version this is. Sometimes an unofficial patch is sent to specific customers with problems and sometimes chip vendors receive a pre-release version or patch that they can sometimes re-distribute to their key customers.

That sounds like you hit a hard limit of the number of breakpoints supported by the debug environment (debug probe + on-chip debug hardware). Note that some features require a breakpoint to be available.

Communication between what and what?

Do they have access to the same target board as you are using?

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Boudewijn Dijkstra

Dear Boudewijn Dijkstra,

Thank you for you comments.

Regarding the breakpoints, it's obviously not a matter of number of breakpoints, since if I removing a BP to another place, the problem is being solved. IAR cannot reproduce the problem, since we work with different HW targets and source code. I thought to send that them but because I have been assuming that the project is going to be completed, I haven't done it yet.

Communication error mentioned here is the communication between the IAR debugger and my target by means of SWIM bus.

Best regards, Eli

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