What about embedded graphics library?

I'm starting a new project where I have to develop a HMI. I'll use an embedded board (Cortex-Mx device) with a relatively small LCD (at least

2.4", maximum 7").

Any suggestions about an embedded graphics library? Free or not?

I know emWin that aren't free, but are provided for free by NXP and ST as an object library for their parts.

Other suggestions?

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Won't that depend on the capabilities that you need/want in that tool?

E.g., doing "static line drawings" takes a lot less resources/effort than full motion animations, etc.

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Don Y

Google "PEG" (Portable Embedded Graphics). I've never used it, and it's been nearly 20 years since I had to nod politely at the happy raving from the neighboring cubicles about how nice, compact and portable it was.

But when I mention it here I think the news is that it's still around and still good. It's not free, but unless someone's really messed it up it should be worthwhile.

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Tim Wescott

I've been happy with the Ramtex libraries.

-- mikko

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Mikko OH2HVJ

I am really happy with emWin. It does the job, even using the indirect interface mode.

Easy to write your own touch driver if you need better filtering and linearisation.

For me it was free since I used an NXP based device (micro Touch 2.8" - UT28090621EU).

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