WAS:Question on Automatic TESTING of Embedded Applications

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My thanks to those who responded with OTS solutions.  Having investigated
several products, it is clear I need to narrow the search.  I'm looking for
an OTS solution that will allow automatic regression testing of the
system/device, but not necessarily debugging when a problem is found.

What would be needed is a means to simulate key/button presses, and to
monitor and interpret information that would be shown on the LCD display to
determine pass/fail of a step in the test or the entire test.

So far, I have seen JTAG/BDM/Nexus based products that would access a chip's
On Chip Debugging System.  Various solutions provide a trace capability, as
well as being able to set triggers and stops.  Would a trigger be capable of
interjecting a hard button (i.e., ON/OFF) action?  Are OTS solutions "smart"
enough to stop on a trap, compare target memory to the anticipated output,
and then restart the target processor?

I really apologize for all these questions, but I'm trying to understand AT
to make some strategic decisions.  A million TIA for any tips, ideas,
suggestions, comments.
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