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Hi all,

  I've a question for anyone out there that has done designs with the
Winbond chips.  I wish to use a ISD11X0 in a design that wants to have
multiple phrases that are uttered in round-robin format.  What I have
been unable to ascertain is whether the ISD1110 can be addressed like
the ISD1420 chip, to get selection and fast-forwarding of arbitrary
length messages (not needing specific addresses to be used.)  Can anyone
shed light on this?  I want to use the cheapest chip possible in the
design.  <surprise>

  Also, is the on chip speaker amp good enough to be heard with a 1"
diameter 16 ohm speaker at close range in a not terribly noisy room?
Any information that anyone has would be appreciated before I started
collecting parts for this client's project.

Thanks all!
* Dennis Clark         *
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