using .init1 section with gcc

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I am using avr-gcc 3.0.2. I know its quite old, but switching to a
newer WinAVR-Version is a bit of work, because of all the depracated
header and so on.. and I am under pressure because of the deadline...

My Problem: I am working on an ATMega103 with 8K external RAM
installed. I want to enable the RAM-Interface with:

void init_xram (void) __attribute__ ((naked)) \
__attribute__ ((section (".init1")));

void init_xram (void)
sbi(MCUCR, SRE); // this enables the external RAM interface

But the linker ist bugging me with that answer:

secion .init1 [00009314 -> 00009323] overlaps section .data [00009314
-> 0000a19f]

How could this happen?

Is it ok, to place the function xram_init in the .c-file where the
main() is?

I have already posted this in the forum, but no one has
an idea for a solution.
If anyone knows a possible reason, please answer me. I have to fix
this as soon as posible...

Thanks in advance.

Re: using .init1 section with gcc

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The problem lies in the linker script. It seems that it's not prepared to
handle the section (.init1).

Another thing is that your start-up code is very probably also not prepared
to handle the section very early in the start-up, as you seem to like it be.

IMHO, the easiest way is to edit the start-up module to include the sbi
instruction, if you're not willing to go the safer path of upgrading your


Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio @ iki fi

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