USBdevice lpc1769 No BULKIN ACK interrupts


Environment - LPCUSB for lpc1769(from code RDB CMSIS) After browsing some forum topics, I decided to use LPCUSB(Bertrik Sikken) as I found the code simple to follow.

I am failing here - When I transfer more than 64 bytes on BulkIn, I expect to get a BulkIn Ack after transfer is completed.

Procedure is simple -

  1. First 'NextBulkIn' call is from my firmware. I set BulkInBusy = true; Step 1 happens only if BulkInBusy is false.

  1. Read data from buffer, send to EP. If data>64 bytes, BulkInBusy stays true.

I expect to get a BulkIn ACK interrupt. Read data from buffer again and send to EP. If data

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