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hi to all!!!!!!!!! can you please suggest me some video processors that i want to include in my design of USB frame grabber.let me be more clear.i am under process of designing of one frame grabber board which will receive input from USB cameras via USB 1.1 port and wil pass the frames to the PC via another USB for this purpose do i need any video processor in my design or as i am receiving the data from USB camera, i just need to send this data to USB port of PC ,no need of any video processor? please suggest me. with regards

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If your device just pass the video frame, captured from camera, to the PC then, what is its role? Why do you need to design something to do this? Just connect the camera to the PC.

I think you should define your project first. What is it doing? Why do you need it? Then you will have the answers to your question.

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