Help needed in ATMEL ARM9 microcontroller

Dear All,

I am using ARM9 based ATMEL AT91RM9200 microcontoller for a communication project. I

am using a custom designed PCB. Problem is when i am receiving data via serial port, some

times the controller got hang up. Need to restart every time. I am using RS485

communication and receive data via ttyS3 port. Presently i am receiving data

in non-cannonical mode. controller have the time out value of

120microseconds for every byte.

Someone can tell me how to handle timer and signal handlers.

Thanks in Advance,



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Hi bbaskaran,

I suggest you to go on :

formatting link

This is the web site of the Atmel ARM support group.



bbaskaran a =E9crit :

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That is an option, but I would suggest to him to ask a better question here instead.

The AT91RM9200 has no ttyS3, non-canonical mode, or timer and signal handlers. It only has USART0/1/2 and DBGU. So I suspect these terms come from some sort of operating system he is using, which might be linux. There is a good chance that the problem is in this unknown software environment rather than in the hardware.

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