USB 1.1 microcontroller in DIP package ?

I'm looking for a microcontroller with low speed USB 1.1 support in a DIP package, and with onboard Flash (ie: not a OTP chip).

I know about the HC08 JB8. I also see that Microchip do a PIC one as well.

Are there any others ? (I'm in the UK in case that makes any difference in availability)

Thanks for any information.


Simon Clubley,       
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Cypress ?


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"Simon Clubley" wrote in message news:57+

Atmel 8051 in plcc at89c513x I think

formatting link sells a cheap dev board
formatting link

AVR usb are lqfpor tqfp only I think

Atmel usb micros

formatting link

Microchip the 18f4550 40 pin 18f2550 28 pin

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ST7328 comes in a 70mil DIP

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Andrew Dyer

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