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Hi !

For my latest product I'm looking for LCD modules.
I can find a lot of them, but I need only one for the
first proto and I did not find an online store to buy
LCD Modules.

I have the following minimum requirements for the LCD

* Type: TFT
* Pixels: 640 x 480
* Effective area: ~ 150mm x 100mm
* Interface: digital 6 bits per color or more

Do you have any suggestions to look at? All
suggestions are welcome.

Thanks you in advance,


"Nieuwsgroepen>" <lmaarsen<removespam> wrote in message
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You didn't look that hard then :) See, electronic ->
opto electronics -> LCD. Cost 1k euro excl controller. Or
K6481L-FF0000 for around 400 euro.


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That size is rather small. The standard size which approaches your
needs closest is probably 6.8". Sizes below that tend to be intended
for TV applications, and have a correspondingly low resolution
(320xRGBx234, typically) The aspect ratio is also slightly wrong, it's
3:2. VGA resolution LCDs will have a 4:3 aspect ratio.

I think I have a couple of 6.8" CTFTs which we bought as samples, that
I could sell. Let me know via email if you want me to dig out the
datasheets. Probably Philips LP064 if I remember correctly. Parallel

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