Standard PLC functions in ARM7 ?

We need to design a specific I/O unit with on board Boolean logic. Would be good to use industry standard PC based PLC programming tools (because they are known and existing).

Is there ready firmware for the ARM7 that holds the PC communication, the Boolean logic, debugger and the other standard PLC functions?


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lars odlen
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Someone gave this link a short time ago

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- it's not ARM-cored, but it is PLC development on a small PCB / uC/ Module


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The name of the PLC-Software is Codesys. It is also available for ARM under windows ce and linux

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Stefan DF9BI

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Stefan Brröring

It looks like a nice tool chain, but does have some commercial conditions

["As already mentioned, the Programming Tool CoDeSys is free of charge. In order to program a device with CoDeSys, however, a run time system must be adapted to the hardware. For this purpose, a Run Time Development Package (Starter Package) per platform is necessary. The price for this starter package is Euros 10.000 .

The next step is to buy one run time license per device. The price depends on the annual purchase quantity as well as on the type of controller."]

So they seem to target OEMs, rather than IC vendors Eval Boards, for example.


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